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used car salesmen... they earned that reputation, and here is an example: The father-and-son team who ran Montecito Motors, a high-end used-car dealership closed in 2010 pleaded no contest to 46 felony charges of conspiracy, grand theft, and tax evasion

The District Attorney’s Office estimates the Taylors stole $1.2 million from 27 of their customers over a period of six or so years.

Chet Taylor, 71, and his son Adam Taylor, 41, were accused of delaying and withholding payments to customers whose cars they sold out of their downtown Santa Barbara lot on consignment, then ducking the customers’ calls and lying to their faces.

They were also charged with forging signatures, filing false tax returns, and misleading creditors. Chet will be sentenced next month to 13 years in state prison. Adam will be sentenced to 11 years.

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