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1931 Studebaker President Eight

President Eights set 114 stock-car records in 1928 alone.

Twelve bodies, from roadsters to limousines, were offered on wheelbases of 130 and 136 inches.

This specific long-wheelbase, seven-passenger tourer with “State” equipment was delivered to Harrisburg, Pa., just hours before the second inaugural parade of Gov. Gifford Pinchot.

Pinchot and his President officially opened 20,000 miles of blacktop.

 Gov. Arthur James (1939-43) used the car as late as 1940, but a state auction got rid of it a few years later. 

William Strayer bought the Pinchot Stude from a Chevrolet dealer in 1950. He brought it to a Studebaker agency for restoration, where some old-timers told him it was one of only six State tourers built in 1931.

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